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We offer the following Divisions and Classes  


Novice, Open and Masters 



Male Bodybuilding 

Male and Female Classic Bodybuilding 

Male and Female Physique 

Male and Female Beach Body 




GK Productions Events are Non-Sanction and held in Durham, NC at Northern High School. It is a local event for many of our competitors with no sanction fees!!! This alone makes the cost very affordable for them!!!  These events are known to have been a steppingstone for many great competitors who have continued in the sport. Due to their experience on this stage, advice, feedback and support from our judges and fellow competitors they have persevered and now are competing on national or professional levels in various federations! Many athletes considered this stage a must for future success!     


The Mega Muscle Expo is a very competitive competition in which Teen, Novice, Open and Masters can compete. It is one of the first competitions of the year, usually held in late March or early April.  The format is “Live Judging”, meaning that the event continues straight through with only a brief intermission between the prejudging and the awards ceremony. This is an awesome show for someone who is new to the sport. Most competitors use this event as a “warm-up” for upcoming sanctioned meets. Even though The Mega Muscle Expo is Non- Sanctioned, it highly recommended that you bring your “A” game. You will be surprised at the competition!!!   The Mega Muscle Expo is a Champion of Champions qualifier! 


The GK Classic Championships is a very competitive competition in which Teen, Novice, Open and Masters can compete. It is held in early August.  The format is “Live Judging” as well. It has also been used as a “warm-up” show for sanctioned meets for many athletes and is a great competition for newcomers. It is Non- Sanctioned, and is a very, very competitive event, so be prepared for serious competition from all federations! The GK Classic Championships is a Champion of Champions qualifier! 


The Champion of Champions competition is an event open to competitors who have won top 3 in their classes. (Men’s Bodybuilding and Physique, Women’s Figure and Bikini).  Prize money and trophies are given to 1st and 2nd places. 3rd place prize money and trophy will also be given based on the participation in each class.  You can only qualify for the Champion of Champions in the following shows, Mega Muscle Expo, GK Classic Championships and B&S Bodybuilding.  Once you have reached this status, YOU HAVE 2 YEARS TO COMPETE IN THE CHAMPION OF CHAMPIONS OR YOU WILL NEED TO REQUALIFY! Reminder: you can only compete in the division you qualified. There are no crossovers in The Champion of Champions!  

The Champion of Champions is part of The Mega Muscle Expo and The GK Classic Championships! 

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